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web design services that focuses on conversions

If your web site is properly designed and friendly to the search engines or you have paid ads through Google or Facebook Ads, your website could be your perspective customer's introduction to your business. Infestus's belief follows the 80/20 rule, 80% of your customers should come from your website and 20% from other avenues. This now makes your websites ability to capture customers crucial.

Often, companies and individuals use their website like an web enabled electronic pamphlet that they must manually hand out. And when it is handed to a perspective customer, The customer expects to find more information on the website that will help them make a buying decision. If the website does it;s job effectively, this could be enough to close the deal. Typically, this is not the case.

Infestus will design a website that converts your web visitors into customers. In our initial consultation we will discuss the product or service that makes you the most net gain and we will design a site that focuses on driving customers/clients to your product or service. Things include in our website design package or redesign as well:

  • Web Design Functionality
    • Sales Funnel
    • 1 premium template builder
    • Automated Broken Link Checker(this ensures there are not missing
    • Hosting included
    • Setup of G Suite
    • Setup CDN (Content Delivery Network)
    • Setting appointments and more
    • Premium plugins would be owned and registered to the client
    • Tablet and cell phone responsive web site design
    • Assistance finding free high quality images for site
    • GDPR compliant
    • Simple SSL
    • Activity Log for web site so that you are able to monitor everything completed
    • Abilities to Accept Payment
    • Responsive design
  • Traffic Ready(Paid Ads or links)
    • Make site ready for Facebook ads
    • I would prep the site as well for google ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Target audience
    • Website traffic target (based on the amount of customers you can service)
  • Site Prep
    • Staging site
  • Overall
    • Create work timeline(You will help create this)
    • Generic pages: home, contact(working), about, our services, blog, meet the team, privacy policy and up to five landing pages
    • Best evergreen webinar - particularly for Client Needs
    • Best webinar particularly for Client needs researched
    • 12 hours / month first 6 months Consultations
    • Monthly Gap Analysis
    • Two hours per month discussing your technical issues
    • Email marketing Consultation
  • Aesthetic
    • User interface design
    • Web graphic design
    • Web design elements(info graphics)
    • Web Design (mentioned above)
  • We do not
    • Create use interfaces(currently)

We assign a web designer, seo specialist(if packages request), email marketer(if package requested).

Business Website

  • We assign adequate number of web designers as necessary to meet reasonable deadlines.

Often web design and web development are used interchangeably. Please see out

Non Profit Website

We consult with you to learn your primary objectives. This generally includes a section of the site for donors and another section for the community you serve. So, sometime this requires a web designer, other times it requires web designers. We try not to look at this as the number of web pages, but ratherthe amount of data we have to develop. Edit-copy and edit-pasting your content is expected.

Web Design Packages

We have attempted to web design packages for different industry and professions.

King web design package

Queen web design package

Bishop web design package